Solar City: More than half a million euros to Velika Gorica for the installation of solar power plants on 22 public buildings

Today, Velika Gorica was handed a contract on co-financing the installation of solar power plants on 22 public buildings in the area of Velika Gorica. It is a project with a total value of 654,000 euros, and the City withdrew a total of 533,000 euros through 81% co-financing.

The initiative to install solar power plants on the roofs of public buildings in Velika Gorica began with the creation of the “Velika Gorica Solar City” application in December 2016. as part of the project Solar mapping of Velika Gorica. Through the mentioned application, the potential of using solar power plants on the Veliko Gorica roofs of apartment buildings in the urban central settlement of Veliko Gorica and public buildings in the entire administrative area of the City is shown. After the analyses, in February 2021. The first solar power plant for the production of electricity for own needs was put into operation on the roof of the Novo Čiče Elementary School.

The goal of the “Velika Gorica Solar City – COUNTDOWN” project is to use solar energy for the production of electricity in public buildings in the City and thus promote the use of renewable energy sources and thus begin the transition of the city in the direction of carbon neutrality by raising the level of citizens’ awareness of the need to invest in renewable energy sources.

Solar power plants for the production of electricity from solar energy will be installed on 22 public buildings in the administrative area of the City of Velika Gorica – elementary schools, kindergartens, community centers, sports facilities… so that all areas are equally represented, regardless of whether they are buildings in the central settlement or are they in the rural areas of the City. As part of the project, special attention will be paid to the promotion of renewable energy sources among young citizens (kindergarten and school age), given that they will be able to connect theory with practice using the example of the building they live in every day. The implementation of this project utilized the potential of the vast majority of buildings owned by the City of Velika Gorica, which have a roof surface with a favorable orientation and where the roof is in satisfactory construction condition.

By installing solar power plants on the buildings in the project, the City counts down the number of buildings on the way to the ultimate goal of solarization of all buildings in its ownership, given that only those buildings that are scheduled for energy renovation in the coming period and on which the roof structure needs to be strengthened remain. hence the idea for the name of the project – COUNTDOWN.