The “Countdown” has started: Solar panels will soon be installed on 22 public buildings

These days, Velika Gorica is starting to implement the project “Velika Gorica Solar City – COUNTDOWN”, which aims to use solar energy on public buildings owned by the City.

For the implementation of the mentioned project, the City provided funds through the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area. The holder of the project is the City of Velika Gorica, and the project partners are: the Tourist Board of the City of Velika Gorica, the University of Velika Gorica and The Energy Farm International Foundation from Norway.

The total value of the project is around HRK 4.9 million (EUR 654,000), of which HRK 4 million (EUR 533,000) will be provided non-refundable through the mentioned financial mechanism, while the remaining amount will be financed from the budget of the City and the budget of the project partners. Through the project, solar power plants will be built on 22 buildings in the wider area of the city.

The solar power plants that will be installed will annually produce over 600 MWh (mega watt hours) of green electricity. The produced electricity will be used to cover own consumption at the locations of the facilities themselves, while the excess energy produced will be sold on the market, which is expected to reduce the operating costs of the City and city institutions, and thus lower expenditures from the city budget, which is especially significant in the existing under the conditions of a large increase in the price of electricity.