Velika Gorica is the leader of the green transition – solar power plants have been installed at 22 city institutions

Today, the final project “Velika Gorica – the solar city of the countdown ” was presented at the Public Open University. As many as 22 buildings of public institutions have installed solar power plants, which ranks Velika Gorica among the leading cities in the use of renewable energy sources. The conference was attended by the Minister of Regional Development and European Union Funds, Šime Erlić , representatives of REGEA, the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, and the host, Mayor Krešimir Ačkar , who praised his collaborators for their well-written projects. He reminded that the elementary school in Čič was a pilot project, and the savings on electricity amounted to more than 50 percent.

– 22 solar power plants were installed, where the estimated electricity saving is slightly more than 50%, which is great in financial terms for our local city budget, and it is also more environmentally friendly. On the one hand, we save money, and on the other, we have a more environmentally friendly solution because we have 30% more solar energy than western countries, which we will use in the best possible way. We continue with this process. At this moment, all of our 22 institutions that met the static conditions and were included in this process received solar power plants, but in the future, this will become a standard on newly built schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, and business incubators. The department is currently thinking about how to make a tender and how to give incentives so that family homes can feel the advantage and build power plants on their family homes – said Mayor Krešimir Ačkar.

Line minister Šime Erlić said that Velika Gorica uses all the opportunities offered by EU funds. He recalled the withdrawal of more than 100 million euros of funds from the European Union funds that are available for Velika Gorica .

– Today we are here because of the further step Velika Gorica is making, it is the Green Transition and it is positioning itself as a city that is becoming a leader in that segment. I have to congratulate you on that. Because of the program we implemented today, Velika Gorica positioned itself as the first city with the largest number of installed solar power plants in its public institutions. We know that the public sector with all public institutions occupies a large number of administrations of public electricity consumption. With a program like this, where we enable public institutions to switch to a more ecological type of electricity with solar panels, and we know that this is our comparative advantage because we have more sunny days than the rest of Europe, we achieve electricity savings, as much as 37% lower bills for public institutions , and it is good for the environment because we reduce CO2 emissions, that is the Government’s paradigm in the next perspective where we want to maintain strong rates of economic growth and development based on investments from EU funds, and we must be sustainable, protect the environment in parallel with growth and development – he concluded Minister Šime Erlić.

The solar power plant was installed on one building of the Velika Gorica Polytechnic, the annual savings should be between 30 and 40 percent.

– We have been working intensively for two and a half years to reach this goal that we have today. It all started with the requirements according to HEP and the announcement of tenders for the selection of contractors and professional supervision, after that the works started, if we look at it, they were the easiest part of the job, finished in two days. After that, it is again approved by the expert supervision. When the power plant was installed, it was not in operation, but we again sent a request to HEP to put it into operation and permanent operation, and we received that confirmation at the end of last year, we waited 3 months for the confirmation. We calculated that we would save from 7 to 8,000 euros on an annual basis – concluded Antonio Klobučar from the University of Velika Gorica.

This project was also supported by the Regional Energy Agency of Northwestern Croatia.

– I am happy when we can see solar power plants on 22 city buildings, they will produce clean electricity, and there will be significant financial savings – said REGEA representative Velimir Šegon.

The Hrvoje Požar Energy Institute is also a project partner.

-Through this program, we financed three key energy topics for Croatia’s energy independence, namely geothermal energy sources, sea energy and the sun. The hospital in Rovinj will be completely heated and cooled by sea energy, the Juga pool in Dubrovnik will be heated and cooled by sea energy as well as a shipyard – Matija Vajdić, representative of the Hrvoje Požar Energy Institute, pointed out.

In order for other cities to make the desired green transition, the relevant minister noted that the Government of the Republic of Croatia managed to secure over 2 billion euros in the new period until 2029 through EU funds. for investments in green sustainable projects, but over 500 million euros for the field of energy and renewable energy sources.