Velika Gorica begins energy transformation: By the end of the year, 22 public buildings will receive solar power plants

The countdown has begun – Velika Gorica will enter an energy transformation in the direction of carbon neutrality by the end of the year.

The project “Velika Gorica Solar City – COUNTDOWN” was launched, the goal of which is to use solar energy for the production of electricity in public buildings in Velika Gorica.

The value of this project is slightly more than 654 thousand euros, of which 533 thousand were financed from grants through the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area for the period of 2014. until 2021 year, while the other funds are financed by the City and its partners.

– Almost all buildings that statically met the prerequisites managed to achieve this benefit of solar power plants. A total of 22 public buildings will receive solar power plants by the end of this year, which means that we, as a solar city, have turned to more environmentally friendly renewable energy sources, but also to much cheaper solutions, considering the current prices of energy sources – mayor Krešimir Ačkar told the media.

With the use of solar power plants, it is expected that more than 50% of the electricity these facilities will receive through solar power plants.

– The city of Veliki Gorica is not the only city that received these funds, but Velika Gorica is definitely the city with by far the most facilities that will receive solar power plants. The city of Karlovac will install them on 14 facilities, and Zagreb on 8, which makes Velika Gorica a city that has well entered the energy transformation process in this sense – said the spokeswoman of the Regional Climate and Energy Agency of Western Croatia, which is assisting the city of Velika Gorica in the implementation of the project .

A “sunny” future will be given to the People’s Open University Velika Gorica, the Polytechnic Velika Gorica, the administrative institution ŠRC Velika Gorica and the hall of the ŠRC, the Lojtrica Kindergarten, the obs facility of the Ciciban VG Kindergarten with (along with the art school), the Kindergarten Velika Gorica – Buševec , Nikole Hribara Elementary School, Gradići Elementary School, Vukovina Elementary School, Buševec Elementary School, Jurja Habdelić Elementary School, Velika Buna Elementary School, Šćitarjevo Elementary School), Donja Lomnica Community Center, Mala Buna Community and Firehouse, Turopolje Folklore Ensemble, Kobilić Sports Center, NK Udarnik, Tourist community of the City of Velika Gorica and Filomen.