Visit of a delegation from the Financial Mechanisms Office of the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate

The Ministry of Regional Development and Funds of the European Union, as Manager of the “Energy and Climate Change” Program financed as part of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area for the period 2014. – 2021., hosted a delegation from the Office for Financial Mechanisms and the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, which is also a donor partner in the “Energy of Climate Change” Program, and this delegation also arrived in Velika Gorica.

In the period of 5 until 7 February 2024 members of the delegation, Mrs. Gunn Oland, representative of the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, and Mrs. Camilla Langsholt, representative of the Office for Financial Mechanisms, together with the Program Manager and Program Partner (Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar), carried out a whole series of activities, with the aim informing them about the achievements so far in the implementation of both projects and the “Energy and Climate Change” Program itself.

The field visit began in the City of Velika Gorica with the presentation of the “Velika Gorica Solar City – COUNTDOWN” project, in which 20 solar power plants for the production of electricity from solar energy were installed on public buildings in the administrative area of ​​the City of Velika Gorica – primary schools, kindergartens, social homes, sports facilities, etc., with the aim of increasing capacity and consequently increasing the share of renewable energy sources in electricity consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The last two solar power plants are expected to be installed on the premises of the Community Center in Mala Buna and the Tourist Association of Velika Gorica.

The course of project implementation was presented to the guests, and it is evident that the main part of the project has been completed. This is how the first 20 solar power plants that will soon be included in the network were installed, and the procurement for the construction of the last two power plants was carried out. The project also has an important educational component, and educational materials were created for children of kindergarten and school age, educational workshops were held for children in elementary schools and in kindergartens, promotional materials were created that were distributed to citizens during workshops and during city events, and it remains to create a digital platform for monitoring the operation of solar power plants.

As a reminder, with this project worth 654 thousand euros, of which 533 thousand euros was co-financed from this financial mechanism, 22 solar power plants were installed on public facilities in Velika Gorica, from schools and kindergartens, sports and other areas, which will cover the expenses for electricity reduce energy costs by over 50%.